Bistro Live Covid-19 FAQ's

All Your Questions Answered About Covid-19 And Bistro Live 21/07/2021

We know it's the subject that's on everyone's minds, so to give you a bit of clarity, here's all you need to know about Covid 19 and Bistro Live...


In line with the Government’s latest guidance, we will be adopting a ‘common-sense’ approach to dealing with COVID.

We ask all customers to respect each other’s space and recognise that everyone has different levels of concern and protection



Am I Required to Wear a Face Mask?

We will not be insisting on the wearing of face masks but, of course customers are welcome to carry on wearing them if they wish



Do I Need a COVID Passport?

As a restaurant business, we will not require COVID passports to be presented at this time



Do I Need to Give You My Details for Test & Trace Purposes?

We have the contact details of all party organisers, and should a problem arise, we will communicate this via them



Will you be operating to Full Capacity?

Although social distancing is no longer a requirement, we have taken the decision to initially reduce our capacity to 75% to allow for more space in the restaurants



What Ventilation is there at Bistro Live?

All of our restaurants have full ventilation systems with a fresh air supply. All systems have been fully serviced by our contractors and will be operational at all times



Will we have to Sanitise our hands all the time?

Yes please…sanitising stations with anti-bacterial gel will be situated at the entrance to the restaurants and also in the toilets. We encourage frequent and regular use by all customers and staff



Have you revised your Cleaning Standards?

We have introduced enhanced cleaning regimes using the appropriate COVID safe chemicals throughout our restaurants



What happens if a member of our party cannot attend due to COVID or the need to self-isolate?

Our flexible booking terms mean that if this is the case, we can either move your party to a future date of your choice or give a credit note to any individuals not able to attend



Please note this guidance will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure we comply with any new government guidelines.

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