Why Should You NOT Go Sober For October?

Sober For October... Is It Such A Good Idea? 02/10/2020

Although the ‘Soberhero’ status may sound like a very rewarding achievement at the end of the month, it’s important to acknowledge what this actually means for our society. Now if this was 2019, we’d be all for it, maybe even taking part ourselves but let’s face it, 2020 has been far from the normality.


There are many businesses facing huge issues within the hospitality industry, whether it be a small local bar, or even a larger company with a whole chain of restaurants; everyone already is and will be affected in some way over the next few months.


Thinking back, there has been a shift in consumer mindset over the past year or so, where people are making that change to support small independent local businesses and now, they all need that support more than ever, it’s so vital for so many businesses out there (and not just the ones in the hospitality industry) to survive the coming months.



So what would happen if you did go sober for October?


Yes, you would have a better night’s sleep and your bank balance would be looking a little better for a while. But think about it, this really could mean the difference between a business losing their battle in this strange and trying time, and staying afloat that little while longer.


So as you may know, the premise of going sober for October is simple, you sign up, you give up your favourite tipple for the month and raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. Let’s quantify this to a family of four, for the week…



How much does your family spend in the hospitality industry?


It’s Tuesday, typically a night where the husband clears off for a few hours, meets the boys down the pub for a few pints… How many pints would that be 3, 4? 5 if he’s feeling brave? Let’s say 3 for now, taking the average price of a pint of beer, that’s just £11.00 – a good saving during Sober October.


On Thursday evening, it’s the mother’s turn to escape the kids and meet the girls for a few cocktails and some nibbles. Let’s say the average price of a cocktail is £6.50, depending on where you go and she enjoys 4 of them… That’s £26.00.


On Friday night they all go out together for a family dinner. Usually throughout the meal the mother has 2 glasses of wine, the father has 2 beers and the teenage son has a cider alongside a diet coke for the younger daughter. Combined that’s around £17.50 in alcohol.


It’s Saturday night, the parents are staying in and looking after the younger daughter while the 18-year-old son heads out to a few bars with his mates, who knows what he’ll be spending! A few rounds and some shots down, he’s easily spent twenty quid, if not more.



What does your family actually mean to the hospitality industry?


So throughout the week, in total, this family of four have spent just shy of £75 on alcohol in pubs, restaurants and bars... They’re enjoying themselves and also contributing to the hospitality industry. This would be fine for the industry if it wasn’t a nationwide change throughout the whole month of October. This would be thousands of pounds that the hospitality industry would miss out on and effectively be relying on. Hundreds of businesses could go under due to the lower volume of sales of alcohol, even if it is just for four weeks.


We’re not asking you to cut out alcohol, neither are we saying you should carry on drinking, we’re simply raising awareness of what this would mean to a whole industry in the UK.



So, What’s the solution?


Well that’s down to you, but please keep going out in October (and the rest of 2020) to support the local hospitality trade. Maybe you could raise money by hosting a Macmillan Coffee Morning instead? If you want to go Sober October, do it. Do what’s right for you, but please keep the hospitality industry in mind – we don’t want to be saying goodbye just yet.


At least bars and restaurants (Like Bistro Live) have the ability to open… nightclubs especially are at risk, they can’t open their venues to generate even a little bit of income. So when nightclubs do open again, please DO support them too.



You can still donate!


Macmillan is such a great charity to contribute to and provides support to those that are really in need, plus donating will make you feel all warm inside as well. You can make a donation to Macmillan Cancer Support by heading to their website by clicking the following link: https://www.gosober.org.uk/beneficiaries/macmillan/donations/new




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