What time should I arrive for my party at Bistro Live Milton Keynes?


We know it can take a while to get ready sometimes but Bistro Live events are SO worth it. We open our doors for our evening events at:


You can arrive for 7:00pm or just after but we do say to try and arrive no later than 7:30pm. This means you can get the party started as soon as you enter our venue in Milton Keynes… especially if you’ve pre-ordered your drinks – they’ll be ready and waiting for you on the table.

You can stay at our venues as long as you like but to get the full Bistro Live Milton Keynes experience, it’s always best to stay until the end.


So what time does Bistro Live close?

Well if you’re visiting us on a Friday or Saturday night then we close our doors at 1:00am. If you’re visiting us on a weekday then we will be closing our doors at 12:00am midnight.

Are you visiting Bistro Live during the Christmas season?

From Sunday to Wednesday we will be open until 12:30am and until 1:00am on Thursday, Friday and Saturday.


So what time are last orders for drinks?

Usually, our last orders are around 20 minutes before we close, but don’t worry we will give you plenty of warning.


When should you book your taxi for?

It’s a great idea to pre-book your taxi, especially on a busy Saturday night – it’s a nightmare traipsing around time trying to find a free taxi. We would definitely suggest booking your taxi home 15 -20 minutes before the venues closes just for safe measure.


Our Taxi Recommendation is: Speedline Taxis - 01908 260 260 


We hope this helps and of course, if you have any questions you can contact us here or give us a call on 0116 262 1212

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