What Our Staff Say

Working at Bistro Live

View from the 'front line' (Party Hosts) 


Dom - Senior Staff

Hi I’m Dom! I started at Bistro Live in May 2017 and in February I was promoted to a Senior member of Staff! I have made lots of new friends whilst working here and made so many amazing memories.

My favourite part of the job is that every night at Bistro Live is different and I get to meet lots of different people all out to have fun! I’m hoping to progress my career in hospitality further and I’m really looking forward to learning more and more!

A little something about me; I also run a record label and produce musicians.




Jake – Senior Staff

Hi I’m Jake, I have worked at Bistro Live since June 2015 and became a Senior Member of staff in October 2016. I can honestly say I have loved every single minute! As a first job it is perfect to build my confidence and expand my skillset whilst having fun at the same time!

The best part of the job is definitely being able to interact with loads of different people – customers and staff included! Bistro Live is one big family. I have made some incredible friends here, we’re always looking to do something as a group whether it be a night out, a trip to the park or forming a 5-a-side football team.



Melissa - Party Host

Hi I’m Melissa, I started working at Bistro Live back in November 2015, and even though I left for a short period it wasn’t long before I missed it too much and was begging to be back! No job I've had before can compare to the fun I've had working at Bistro Live over the last 3 years.

During my time at Bistro Live I've learnt so many new skills and had gained so much experience, no two nights are ever the same! One night you’re dressed up as French lady and the next you’re doing the can-can in a big circle to Come On Eileen. Working at Bistro Live is so different to any other restaurant job, there’s so much fun and interaction with the customers and you really get a chance to perfect your bad dancing!

I feel like I've grown up at Bistro Live. Working here really is like having a little family and a home away from home, and who doesn’t want that?!


View from 'behind the scenes' (Bar)


Amy - Senior Staff

Hi I’m Amy! I started working at Bistro Live in April 2016 whilst at University! Since working here I have learnt loads of new skills and even been promoted to a Senior member of Staff!

At present I work in both the restaurant and Bar and love it! I’m currently studying a masters in speech and language therapy and working at Bistro Live is a perfect fit for me. I love being able to come to work and have fun whilst working hard. I’ve made loads of new friends here and we all regularly meet up before, after and outside of work.




Nat - Bar Staff

Hey, my name is Nat. I have worked at Bistro Live for over five years, including working on the bar for the last 3 years. I have to make sure that the bar is in tip-top shape, making sure that the bar is ready for the evening shift with all the stock ready and the fruit chopped.

At the night time, the hard work starts, as it can get super-busy and lively. Starting at 7pm, we start getting all the drinks orders in from the partying customers. I have to make sure that the drinks are made accurately and quickly, to make sure that the party can continue without any hiccups. It can be a bit hectic, so I have to make sure I stay calm and energetic, so that the rest of the staff stay the same.

I love working in the bar, as you always have something to do, and you get to help the rest of the staff out with their shift, too.


View from the 'Engine Room' (Kitchen)


Charley - Commis Chef

Hi I’m Charley! I have been working at Bistro Live since 2017 as a Commis Chef! I love working here and constantly learning new things!

I am currently studying my Catering NVQ Level 3 and hoping to progress my career in catering! Since working at Bistro Live I have got to know the entire team and love that I get to interact with all of the staff in the restaurant and that we are all one big team!

In my spare time I like to cook obviously and I have a huge passion for Motorcycles!




Michelle - Commis Chef

My name is Michelle. I have been working at Bistro Live as a Commis Chef for 2 years.
I enjoy working in the kitchen because it’s a fast paced environment and we make great food.

There’s always something to do and I’m constantly learning new skills!

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