What Our Staff Say

Working at Bistro Live

View from the 'front line' (Party Hosts) 

Hi I’m Ben


I started at Bistro Live in November 2012 and have worked here ever since! No job I’ve had in the past has been as fun and enjoyable at Bistro Live and I really get a kick out of making sure our customers have the best night possible!

I’ve done many weird and wonderful things since starting at Bistro Live whether it’s dressing up as an Elf at Christmas to giving a bride-to-be a piggy back round the room on her hen do but I love every minute.

The best part of my time at Bistro so far has been my promotion to senior staff in March. Its something I worked really hard at and it meant a lot to know my hard work was appreciated by the management team.

As much as I love interacting with the customers here it’s the rest of the team that really make this job worth it. My promotion to senior staff has also allowed me to interact with the new starters and take them under my wing a bit more which feels fantastic when I see how well they’re doing. I’ve made some amazing friends since starting here, we’ve had some great nights out plus even a cheeky lads holiday.

I’ve decided that hospitality is definitely the career for me and Bistro is fully supporting me with this, even putting me up for college courses to help learn new skills.



View from 'behind the scenes' (Bar)


Hi, my name is Robyn.

I have worked behind the bar at Bistro Live for nearly 4 years.

A day in the bar comprises setting up in the day time and then running the night shift.

In the day I have to ensure that the bar is fully prepared for the night shift to run as smoothly as possible. This means ensuring that all necessary stock is in the bar, all cocktails are prepared and everything I am going to need for the night is in the bar ready for me to use.

The night shift is completely different. The atmosphere is a lot busier and lively.

At 7.15pm the customers begin to arrive and this is when the drinks orders start rolling in. My main role is to manage the bar by ensuring that all drinks are made and have left the bar as quickly as possible and I do my best to keep energy levels up amongst the staff by keeping them motivated so this is transferred to the customers.

My favourite part of working in the bar is the relationships that I can make with the staff - getting to know them and really making the effort to make them feel like part of the team - especially if they’re new.




View from the 'Engine Room' (Kitchen)

My Name is Aaron and I've been working as a chef at Bistro Live for 4 years now.

I've enjoyed every minute of it: the food is great; the staff are great both in the kitchen and front of house; and although I don’t really get to see the customers I know they really enjoy the food that we prepare and cook for them.

Outside of work I like going out and enjoying myself (partying) so working at Bistro Live where after all the food is served it turns into a big party, I get to enjoy my two loves of cooking and partying.


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