Top 12 Christmas Party Theme Ideas


Christmas always come around quickly; it’s always a good idea to plan and prepare for your perfect Christmas party sooner rather than later, so what better time than now? And one of the best places to start is to begin narrowing down some distinctive and amusing Christmas party themes that your guests are bound to love.



1. Winter Wonderland Party


Is there a better theme to start things off, let’s be honest? It doesn't matter whether you live in a warmer area or are used to snowy days; throwing a party with a winter wonderland theme is a go to idea at any time of year, particularly during the holiday season. Invite your guests to wear all-white outfits and decorate your venue accordingly.



2. Classy Black and White


The classic black-and-white dress code is always a glamourous, but safe bet. Check out some creative suggestions for hosting a black-and-white party that screams sophistication and refinement. This may be just what you need for a distinctive Christmas party theme.



3. White Elephant Party


You’ve heard of Secret Santa right? Well this is better… The idea is that everyone wraps up an item, that they already own and no longer use, and they’re all put under the tree. TIP: The more wacky the present the better! All your guests then take it in turns to pick a present from under the tree, as you can imagine, the unwrapping can be pretty hilarious. Alternatively, you could also go for the traditional Secret Santa variation!



4. Christmas Tea Party


Unfortunately, your invitation to the Royal Family’s Christmas Tea Party was lost in the mail. But that’s okay, host your own! It's time to get out the best china, the fanciest clothes, and the tiniest tea sandwiches (we’re talking egg and cress, and cream cheese and cucumber). And better yet, add a few festive twists with Christmas themed china, all the tinselly and sparkly clothes, Christmas tree shaped sandwiches… Oh and wack on a bit of Wham’s Last Christmas and you’ll be set.



5. Cookie Exchange Party


The sweet delicacies available throughout Christmas make a cookie exchange party a great idea. Knowing how many guests you have is key here, as each guest should bring a dish of their favourite Christmas cookies or cakes, and you don’t want anyone to miss out! It’s a great idea to share and swap recipes, so extra points to all those who bring homemade goods too. Who will be crowned the Christmas Cookie Queen?



6. Costume Party Theme for Christmas


One of the most popular trends is to throw a Christmas costume party. It’s a very cost-effective approach to create an unforgettable Christmas celebration.


To add to the enjoyment, a costume party will allow everyone to show off their festive attire and creative styling abilities – you can even crown the winner!



7. Christmas Holiday Party Favors


During the holidays, it's all about spending time with loved ones and expressing thanks for the many blessings in your life. Christmas favors are a classic method to express gratitude to your family and friends and a great way to include them in your celebrations. So, why not go the extra mile and put a bit more thought into your Christmas gifts? You could even challenge yourself to craft all your gifts, or buy them all second hand.



8. Christmas Party Cocktails


Planning a party wouldn't be complete without considering the bar. The drink selection is critical to having a successful Christmas party. You may get a wide variety of festive drinks, but if you're looking to save money, homemade drinks are your best bet. It’s the perfect time to get creative and with all the seasonal fruits to create fresh fruit cocktails or milkshakes. They’re not only better money wise, but also healthier and better tasting.



9. Deciding The Dinner Menu


You need to choose a dinner menu that fits your budget and meets all your needs, including dietaries. A three-course meal, consisting of an appetizer, a main dish, and a dessert, with a festive twist is ideal for a dinner party. Starters may include a variety of fried or roasted nibbles and soups. A meat dish, such as roasted turkey with mashed potatoes and gravy, is always a festive go to main meal. And to top it all off, you could experiment with different dessert options to help make your festive meal complete.



10. Dessert Ideas to Cherish Christmas


A dessert bar is a must-have for every holiday get-together. Another critical aspect of your Christmas party preparations is selecting the dessert course – everyone has a different type of sweet tooth after all. Chocolate truffles make a delicious addition to a dessert bar, as well as exotic flavoured ice creams, or bitesize slices of rhubarb or pecan pies.



11. Hot Christmas


Even though Christmas is traditionally celebrated in the winter, certain places don't have snow and freezing weather throughout the holiday season (cold and white). Many nations have very warm winters. As a result, throwing a Christmas party themed after a Beach party in summer attire is a lot of fun. We can arrange a trip to other lands. It's as simple as opening the global map and selecting a nation of your choice. You may also decorate your home like a beach, play some summer music, and have a unique and lovely Christmas party.



12. 20's


Put yourself back in the roaring twenties and forget about the stresses of today. Add the element of surprise back in to every day life with a 1920s-style party over the Christmas period. Think about the jazz age, the flapper outfits, and the interested topics that would have been discussed at the time. There were no iPhones, fancy cameras, or Smart TVs to be found, so this is a great night to really immerse yourself... Tape recorders only!



So to conclude... 


Organizing a Christmas party for family and friends may be stressful. But there’s no need to worry - we can show you how easy it actually is! If you're looking for a memorable Christmas party theme, look no further than our easy-to-implement ideas. It's time to throw on your party hats and enjoy the fun of your life this Christmas season!


Bistro Live is a great venue to host a themed Christmas party – we love them! So why don’t you enquire with us today and start planning your themes!

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