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From our event Planners to our staff SERVING ON THE DAY

Who we are!



The directors



    Mark Henderson




    I have 20 years experience in sales & marketing, primarily in the leisure/entertainment field. The first 10 years of my professional life was spent in 'corporate world' working for a large plc. This is where I met Fred and together we started Bistro Live...


    Interesting Fact: Not only did I get my Sport Science Degree from Loughborough University, but I also studied ballet and dance!




    Fred Harlow




    I have over 30 years experience in the management of leisure and entertainment businesses. I am the 'Operator' and you can normally find me in one of the 3 venues making sure we are still at the top of our game!


    Interesting Fact: I often proclaim that I hate the stage - but give me a live band and you can't get me off (shhh... don't tell anyone!)



Party planners





    Sales & Marketing Manager



    “I’m Kelly, and I have been working at Bistro Live since 2010! I started off waitressing when I was 17, and look at me now :)"


    Interesting Fact - I’m well known in Bistro Live for silly things I do and say. In fact, I have received the ‘blonde award’ at our company party more times than anyone else!







    sales manager



    “I’m Richard, I’ve worked for Bistro Live for nearly 8 years, and in that time I have worked as Leicester, Nottingham & Milton Keynes site leaders. I regularly attend the Business Club lunches, so if you’re interested in Corporate parties please don’t hesitate to contact me”


    Interesting Fact – “I have a double jointed pelvis, which enables me to perform some pretty outstanding dance moves!” 











    "Hey, I’m Francesca! I started at Bistro Live as the Marketing Assistant when I graduated from the University of Lincoln. I enjoy keeping active and love being on the netball court as I am very competitive."


    Interesting Fact: "I spend a lot of my time designing posters as I love graphic design."







    milton keynes site leader




    "Hi, I'm Ellie. I have been around Bistro Live for years, working on the floor and in the office. You've probably even seen or spoken to me in the past (or both)"


    Interesting fact: "I always have some crazy colours in my hair, give it a few weeks and I'm walking into the office with a brand new colour"









    Nottingham Party Planner




    'Hi I’m Izzy and I am Nottingham site leader. I’m lively, chatty and I’m younger than bistro live itself. I can do lots of different accents, balance a chair on my hand and I am trained in musical theatre.'


    Interesting Fact: I can always find a new topic to bring up in the office but my favourite question to ask is “what did you have for your tea?”









    Party Planner



    'Hi I’m Jess, I’m recently new to Bistro Live but the inner party animal in me can’t wait start my journey with the company. I may only be 4ft11 but don’t let that fool you. I’m far from cute and quiet, I can talk for England… with my endless storytelling and one liners.'


    Interesting Fact: At only the age of 17 I worked and lived in Greece for 2 months.






Head chefs





    leicester head chef



    "I started working for Bistro Live at 16 years old whilst I was at college, I then moved abroad to work in catering and other venues and learned a wide range of cooking skills. I came back to Bistro Live in 2014 as a Sous Chef and was promoted to head chef in 2017. I now have 13 year experience in catering, I am a very passionate chef and love the work I do!"


    Interesting fact – I was hypnotised by Derren Brown when he came to Leicester for the infamous show and I ended up missing about 50% of the evening.









    head chef



    "Hi, my name is Mark and I am the Head Chef in Nottingham. I was the Sous Chef for over 8 years until August 2014, when I got promoted to head chef in Leicester. In September 2016 I was promoted again to become the head chef of our largest site, Nottingham. I have over 10 years broad experience in the catering and hospitality sector, including A la carte, banqueting, fine dining and private events."


    Interesting fact - I am a very keen cake maker with a speciality in wedding cakes!









    mk head chef



    "Hi, my name is Simon and I am the Head Chef in our Milton Keynes Venue. I joined Bistro Live in September 2016 after owning & managing many pubs and restaurants in the Milton Keynes Area. I have been working as a chef since I was 13, I won't tell you how many years that is in total!"


    Interesting Fact - I lived abroad for a few years and owned my own restaurant in Tenerife!





Leicester team





    Training & Development Manager



    "Hi, I’ve been working at Bistro Live since September 2009 and started off as a waitress. I’ve since progressed onto Senior Staff, Restaurant Supervisor, the Assistant Manager,  Operations Manager and now Training and Development Manager"


    Interesting fact – I am super competitive and very determined. I am also a fully qualified Nursery Nurse!








    Deputy General manager



    "I started working at Bistro Live in our Nottingham venue during Christmas 2014. During that time I worked my way up to Restaurant Supervisor. Now I spend by time as an Assistant Manager in Leicester!"


    Interesting Fact - I studied Criminology at university, so if there’s ever a chance to act like I’m in CSI I am definitely up for it!













    "Hi! I started at Bistro Live when I was a quiet, shy 17 year old, and I am now a not so quiet, not so shy 30 something year old. After a short working career elsewhere, I am now back at Bistro Live running our Leicester Restaurant! In the words of my favourite rapper… ‘Guess who’s back, back again!’"


    Interesting Fact – I am related to ex US President Jimmy Carter







Nottingham team



    lee Oldham

    General manager Designate



    "Hi! I’ve been working at Bistro Live since 2013 and started off as a waiter whilst I was studying at University. I then progressed onto Senior Staff, Bar Supervisor, Restaurant Supervisor and have been the Assistant Manager since 2017."


    Interesting fact - When the right song comes on you will more than likely see me on the floor busting out my high energy dancing; it’s not good but it will put a smile on your face!








    Operations Director



    "Hi! I started working at Bistro Live in 2005 as a Waiter in our Leicester Venue.

    From Waiter I moved to Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager and then General Manager. Now I’m here as the Operations Director!"


    Interesting Fact - I once studied for a number of years both Dance & Performing Arts!





MIlton KEYNES team





    Operations Director



    "Hi! I started working at Bistro Live in 2005 as a Waiter in our Leicester Venue.

    From Waiter I moved to Supervisor, Assistant Manager, Deputy Manager and then General Manager. Now I’m here as the Operations Director!"


    Interesting Fact - I once studied for a number of years both Dance & Performing Arts!








    general manager



    "Hello, I'm Rob and my time at Bistro Live began whilst I was at university where I started front of house. I then got promoted to senior staff and was soon promoted to a full time supervisor after I graduated. I have worked myself up from the Assistant Manager to the General Manager…"


    Interesting Fact - I have won 3 beat boxing competitions




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