Happy Birthday Bistro Live

20 Amazing Years Of Bistro Live 26/10/2021

Twenty years ago, our Directors Mark Henderson and Fred Harlow set out to build a small chain of live music restaurants where people could enjoy really good quality food, awesome entertainment and top-notch service all under the same roof.


The idea of a meal and entertainment was nothing new – there were bars and restaurants opening up all the time…


…BUT they had this ‘crazy’ notion that in order to stand out from the crowd, they had to do something that was completely different.


“So, you want us to invest in your new venture, where the idea is that people have loads to drink and dance on the tables… Are you completely bonkers!”


A common theme amongst most of the banks and financial institutions we asked to loan us the money.


But here we are…

  • 20 years on (we opened to the public on 3rd November 2001 in Leicester)
  • We’ve welcomed 1,264,865 customers
  • Employed 4,123 members of staff
  • Served 182,246 turkey dinners at Christmas parties
  • Played ‘Reach’ by S Club Seven 7,306 times (mostly by Alex, our DJ in Leicester, who has been with us since the day we opened)
  • and poured almost a million litres of cocktails


…and we’re still going strong !!



For more information on parties at Bistro Live, get in touch with our friendly team today. We hope to see you celebrating with us soon!

Bistro Live Ltd, registered in England no. 4106667. Registered office: 89-91 Charles St, Leicester, LE1 1FA