6 Step Guide to Planning the Best Hen Party From Start-to-Finish


Whether you’re a first-time maid-of-honour or a seasoned pro, planning the best hen party from start-to-finish can feel like quite the task, but don’t worry, we’ve got you with this 6 step guide! So, let’s get started.



1. Remember, the hen party is about having fun!


When planning the best Hen Party from start-to-finish, it can be easy to start caving to the pressure of it all and forget why you’re planning it in the first place – to have fun and celebrate!


We hate to get all ‘mindset and positivity guru’ on you, but its best if you start planning the fun element first. Find a place, or activity that you know will go down a treat and then plan around it. Rather than stressing and agonizing over each weeny detail, it will make sure that you pick the right place, where you can really let loose and have the best time. It’s much better than going to the most pretentious/instagrammable place anyway!


It’s so easy to pick the place where you can get the best pics to show off, but ultimately, this is about creating the most amazing memories! We bet that the most memorable nights didn’t start in the priciest, stuffiest places…   



2. Get spreadsheeting


Organisation is your friend here! From venue options, to hotels, to all of your creative ideas, having them all entered into one easily-accessible place (that can be shared with anyone who you may be collabing with in the planning process) is definitely the way forward!


Try hosting the spreadsheet on a cloud platform (like Google Sheets on a Google Drive) so that everyone is able to edit the same document.


From here you can add multiple tabs for things like to-do lists, dropping in website links and anything else! This can also be a great way to keep tabs on who your fellow bridesmaids or attendees are, and at what stage of the process you all are. AND, it’s also a great way to zone in on your best ideas too.



3. Check with the venue


Remember that your venue will be very much in-the-know about all things Hen related! At Bistro Live we are happy to walk you through every single step of our booking process, what we offer, what we recommend, and how to make your night extra special. It’s what we do after all!


Trust us, we’re pros at this, so we recommend making the most of it! We’ve got venues for your Hen Party in Leicester, Nottingham and Milton Keynes, so just pop us a message now by clicking here to get started with your Hen Party Planning



4. Confirm your guests


There’s nothing worse than making a booking and putting down the £££ only to have an attendee drop out, leaving you to foot the bill, or worse, scramble for the cash from your bride-to-be. Keep up great communication with the attendees to ensure this doesn’t happen – we recommend a group chat!



5. Book your hotel


If you’ve got guests visiting from a couple of hours away (or further!) there’s nothing like the comfort of knowing that you’ve got a lush hotel to head back to at the end of an amazing night, as well as a hangover-curing breakfast in the morning. At Bistro Live we can even help with this part of the process! Let us know and we can hook you up with one of our local, vetted and selected hotels.



6. Have the best night!


Well, all that’s left to do is to have the best night! But don’t forget the little extras that make the night extra special. We’re talking little games on the night, hen sashes, selfie props - the works! (If you’re planning a Bistro Live Hen Party, then don’t worry, we have all this covered in our Hen Packages)


We hope that you found this guide helpful, and make sure to check out our other Hen blog posts and feel free to call us – we’d love to have a chat.

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