Christmas Joy on a Budget

Tips for a Low-Cost, High-Fun Office Christmas Party 23/03/2024

It’s time for that most wonderful time of the year: the office Holiday Party! While this tradition is clearly a great investment for a company in terms of team morale, it’s not always given the same level of thought and budgeting that it deserves. Lucky for you, we’ve got some tips on how to make the season bright, regardless of what your budget is!



Plan it early!


The best way to get ahead of the game with Christmas parties is to start planning as soon as you can – spring or early autumn is a great time to start. This is usually when you’ll find the best deals at restaurants or venues. Whether they have drinks or food packages on offer, there will be something to make up a truly smashing Christmas party.



Set a budget and stick with it.


Before any other steps, find out what the budget you will be working with looks like. Keep it on hand when you’re planning so that it stays in your mind each time you have to make a decision while planning an impressive Christmas party. We understand that sometimes we can get carried away with the all ‘fun bits’ so be wary of them totting up too much. 



Location, Location, Location


Finding a great place to host your office Christmas party is a big part of making it a success. If you’re strapped for cash or need to be a bit more savvy with your spending you could throw it at the office, which can be fun. However, a party outside the office tends to gage more of a wow-factor. Here at Bistro live, we have locations in Leicester, Nottingham, and Milton Keynes and each venue is dressed to impress with a festive themed overhaul. All of our locations provide pretty much everything, from the food, to the entertainment, to the drinks! But the best part, we can create an experience to meet your budget, whether you’ve been given one by the company, or you’re planning to split it amongst your guests. And that’s not even the best part… If you book around springtime, you can purchase our early bird tickets too! 20% off can make a big difference to a lot of companies working to tight budgets, and with this offer applicable on our peak dates too, you really can’t go wrong!



Get the team involved!


If you are operating on a slim budget when planning the Christmas party, a great way to make it stretch is to get the whole team in on the planning and preparation. Ask around to see who has extra decorations that can be used. Does anyone know a person that works in catering or hospitality? If so, it may mean they can source discounted food or drinks deals. Anything that may help keep costs down and get all of the guests involved in the planning process can help.

A low-cost, high-fun Christmas party is never out of the question if you know how to plan for it. We hope this helps you plan the best office Christmas party your company has ever seen, and we’d be thrilled if we at Bistro Live in Leicester, Nottingham, or Milton Keynes can help you to achieve it.


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