Hen Party Game Ideas | Break The Ice Between Different Friend Groups


A hen party is the best excuse to gather your closest friends from different friendship groups and have all your favourite people in one place. Whether you are newly engaged and planning a hen party for yourself or the maid of honour in charge of organising a hen party, these are the top hen party games you should know about. 


With three live music restaurants in Leicester, Nottingham and Milton Keynes, we have thrown the most memorable hen parties and seen the best and most hilarious hen party games. Here are our top choices for five games you need to play to get everyone to lose their inhibitions, share stories of the bride to be and get the drinks flowing for the foundation of an excellent send-off before the wedding. 




As the bride to be or maid of honour (or maid of dishonour, let’s be honest, you’re set to be the life of the party), you’re probably looking for some tried and tested games to play to help the bride’s friends mingle and put everyone in the best spirits for the night ahead. We have included a couple of paid games, a few that need some preparation and some free options to suit any budget. 




Write down personalised dares for each member of the hen party, or grab a ready-made box of dares to complete throughout the night. This is an excellent way to make great memories and inject some healthy competition into the night. 


Dare cards are included in our standard and premium hen packages, so if you book one of these options, this game is ready to go on arrival!




If you love a glass of bubbly (I don’t know who wouldn’t!), then this game needs to be at the top of your list. 


You may have seen or played beer pong in the past to think of this game as the hen party alternative. However, this easy-going game that anyone can join in is excellent for team bonding to get different friend groups mingling. 


For this game, you’ll need a prosecco pong kit (£9.99 on Amazon) and a couple of bottles of prosecco. Play this game before you arrive at Bistro Live, or grab a bottle of bubbles from behind our bar to play this game at the table. 




Tell the hens to think of their funniest story with the bride and ask them to submit the story to the maid of honour before the night. Then if you choose to make a speech, you have some great material to get everyone falling off their chair with laughter (or maybe crawling under the table if you are the bride-to-be!). This is a perfect ice breaker game to give everyone context to who the other hens are and bond over laughing at your mate’s tragic tales of the past. 




This game is the less child-friendly, hen party version of the game pin the tail on the donkey. 


Prepare a cut out of a hunky man and bring a picture of some boxers to pin onto him when blindfolded. Then organise a cocktail for the winner who pins the boxers is the most appropriate place. Of course, you can make this game even less PG with some imagination. 




Take the classic game of Jenga and add a twist by writing on truth questions for the other hens. You may also wish to create a forfeit for the hen who tumbles the tower. Of course, the more drinks you have had before playing this game, the funnier it becomes! 


Don’t have a Jenga set lying around? No problem! Jenga is one of those games often found in charity shops or boot sales, so you are sure to be able to pick up a tower for this hen party game without breaking the bank! 




Although everyone has a great night at the hen party, it can be a stressful event in your diary if you are the one organising the event. Therefore, we have come up with a collection of blog posts to help you throw the best hen party imaginable. Read our latest posts on our blog about planning the ultimate hen party, including surprises and ways to get everyone mingling. 


You’ve got this! And don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions about organising a hen do at Bistro Live in Leicester, Nottingham or Milton Keynes, as we would be glad to help you plan the perfect hen night out. 

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