Live Music Ideas for A Christmas Party

So, you’re searching for some live music for your next Christmas party? 28/01/2024

Whether it’s a corporate Christmas extravaganza, an office Christmas party, or just a fun get-together with your friends and family, we’ve helped many guests book for all types of Christmas parties with live music.



Below we have listed the top music entertainment for your holiday festivities.


Party Band


Do you want your guests dancing until the early hours of the morning? Then there’s no better way to do that than hiring a party band.


A live party band knows exactly how to get people up on their feet and having the best time of their lives. And you know the interaction with the crowd will be top class ensuring everyone dances the night away.  



Jazz Band


A jazz band is another great way to add a cool, laid-back vibe to your Christmas party. Often jazz bands come in two flavors: an instrumental group or a singer. A jazz band with a singer would involve a piano, drum kit, and double bass. If you plan on opting for the instrumental line-up, you can expect a trumpeter or saxophonist to play the melodies instead of a singer. This is a great option for a more relaxed, intimate evening.



Singing Pianist


Are you searching for a more laidback evening? Maybe a jazzy singing pianist is your best option. If you’ve heard Michael Bublé’s Christmas Album, you will realize that Christmas songs in a jazz style could go down pretty well.  


Singing pianists can perform instrumentally, entertaining your guests with classical music while they eat dinner. You can then move into a smooth jazz style after the meal is done, which is a great transition throughout the evening.



Singing Guitarist


Are you planning an array of upbeat Christmas songs mixed with pop classics for your guests? Hiring a singing guitarist is a great way to instill live music into your Christmas festivities. This person can perform acoustically, roaming around your venue, entertaining guests in various locations. You can also amplify their performance by offering louder entertainment in the main area.



Christmas Brass Ensemble


The magical sound of a brass ensemble playing those good ol’ fashioned Christmas carols is 100% guaranteed to ignite nostalgia. Brass ensembles range in size from a big 12-piece to a small trio. Standard instruments include the tuba, trombone, and trumpet.





If you’re not too fussed about the live aspect of your musical entertainment and simply like a solid playlist to guarantee your guests stay until the end of the evening, your best bet is a professional DJ.


Many people claim they can DJ, but we suggest paying some money to hire a pro instead of letting an intern loose on the decks for a night.


With a professional DJ, the transitions between the tracks will be smooth. You will hear some rare and interesting mixes, and the DJ will be gauging the room’s vibe and playing songs to match.



There you have it!

Which live music ideas are you planning to include in your Christmas Celebrations? If you’re ready to book a Christmas Party, Bistro Live can help. And for any entertainment enquiries, why not contact our sister company, Henderson Management.  

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