Location, Location, Location – How it affects the cost of your Hen Party


The Hen Party can be one of the most exciting aspects of the wedding process, except the wedding day of course. Some brides and bridesmaids love to spend their time planning and organising the Hen Night months in advance, and who’s to blame them, with so many aspects to the Hen Party… It can be difficult to know where to start, especially when you need to factor in location, cost and when to have the party.


The first place bridesmaids tend to start, when planning, is the location. Based on the bride it could be a city break, a spa retreat or even a trip abroad. However, whichever one you decide on, it all comes with its own surprising costs. You could be doing the exact same activities and plan the exact same day out and prices are drastically different based on the city you choose.


Usually this is due to whether the city is a popular hen party destination, and of course, you only want the best. In places like London, Liverpool and Manchester, you can expect a hefty price which may not suit every bridesmaid’s budget for the celebration.


When it comes to the hen party experience there shouldn’t have to be the focus on budget but more about having an amazing time. And that’s what we at Bistro Live cater to exactly that.  You don’t need to go to a big city and spend big money to have a memorable hen party, with venues in Leicester, Nottingham and Milton Keynes, we have you covered.


With the average hen party costing around £70 - £150 per guest, people shouldn’t have to dramatically save for the event or even miss out. This can be the case when hosting in big cities such as London, where the cost could be double than cities like Leicester, Nottingham or Milton Keynes!


This is why you should choose Bistro Live to be a part of your amazing, fun-filled day without breaking the bank. Whilst you’re pampering away and enjoying yourself in the day, we’ll be preparing for you to walk the red carpet in the evening. We take the stress out of the preparation, so you can get ready with the girls… you’ll walk into plenty of drinks, a 3-course dinner, great entertainment and the VIP experience, what more could you want?


So, if you’re the maid of honour with the daunting responsibility of making it a night to remember for your bride, then take the worry out of planning and let Bistro Live give you a helping hand!


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