How To Choose The Perfect Place For The Christmas Party?


Christmas is just around the corner and now is the best time to start planning if you are going to host a Christmas celebration this year. Are you feeling the pressure of being this year’s host? Choosing the best Christmas Party venue, organizing delicious food, a DJ, and endless amounts of fun is a great headache. But don't stress, it’s the season to enjoy and relax, and we’re here to help every step of the way.


If you are wondering How to choose the perfect place for a Christmas party, you’ve come to the right place… We’re spilling the beans on how to make the best choice for your Christmas Party Venue.



How to choose the perfect place for a Christmas party


Choosing the best place for a Christmas party is one of the most important steps when planning a festive celebration and it’s very dependable on your budget and requirements. Here are some important tips  to create the "WOW" factor for all your guests. Follow the steps below and you’re well on the way to making your Christmas party unforgettable…



1. Finalise the details of the Christmas party


For selecting the fabulous venue for your Christmas party, firstly, you should write down all the details. We’re talking the number of guests you have, the timings of the night, the area, the date (most important), and the theme you want to go with. Deciding on all of this information before allows you to discard the venue options that don’t cater to your needs.



2. Choose between three venues for the Christmas party


Now research all around and choose your top three venue choices that you think could make your party memorable. Chat to your friends and family to see if they have any recommendations. Another great place to check is TripAdvisor and Google – there will be PLENTY of honest reviews here. After doing this, there should be a clear winner from the original three that you selected. From there you can put your effort into making your dreamy Christmas party an impressive reality. And don’t forget, Bistro Live have hosted so many amazing Christmas Parties over the years… with plenty of fun, delicious food, and incredible entertainment, you can’t go wrong!



3. Schedule a call or meeting with the venue team


Once you select a venue, it's time to chat to their team, and tell them about your plan and expectation. Visit the space, decide between the offered services, and see their decorating outlet. You should also ask them about their catering, drinks, and entertainment options and any other questions you may have. You could even mention your festive theme, they may have some great suggestions on how to make your Christmas Party one of a kind.  



4. Get upfront information in terms of payment, packages, and food


You should discuss all the information regarding the payment, extra charges, and menus. Some venues offer a cocktail as a complimentary drink at the arrival of guests, some have this within package upgrades, so it’s up to you to decide what to go for.

Food and drinks can make or break the party achievement… Making an upfront decision on the food and drinks is important but understanding what your options are is still as important.  Bistro Live is a great example of this, we can cater Christmas Parties to your food and drinks choices no matter how small, or big, the budget is.



5. Book the place as soon as possible


Once you find that this venue is the best match for your dreamy Christmas party, get booked in! It’s party season after all, and everyone is in the race to find the best venue for hosting their festive bash. If you wait around too long, it could be gone by the time you get back. Secure your venue with a small deposit to ensure you’re in first place.


Wow, you better get the ball rolling… If you need any help or advice with planning a Christmas Party, speak to one of our Party Planners today on:


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