Bistro Live Bottomless Brunch 2024 Food Menu

Find out what we have on the Bottomless Brunch food menu, available on bank holiday Sunday's 2024






BBQ Pulled Pork Tortilla

Tender pulled pork shoulder, slow-baked and generously coated in smoky BBQ sauce. Served in a crispy tortilla shell, with a vibrant Mexican stir-fry and garnished with shredded spring onion and baby coriander leaves.



Mushroom, Spinach & Pancetta Risotto

Italian arborio rice simmered gently in a white wine and mushroom infused stock. Served with sautéed button mushrooms and wilted spinach. Topped with a crunchy pancetta crumb for a smoky touch. Dressed with pea shoots and light herb oil.



Fish & Chips

Freshly battered white fish fillet, served alongside triple-cooked chunky chips and a generous helping of homemade pea puree. Accompanied with tartare sauce, tomato ketchup and dressed with crispy pea shoots and lemon wedge.



Mediterranean Tomato & Goat's Cheese Galette

A savoury delight of flaky puff pastry topped with caramelised red onions, sun-ripened tomatoes, Mediterranean vegetables and a generous slice of tangy goat's cheese. Served with pan-fried parmentier potatoes, fresh tomato and basil sauce, complemented by a drizzle of sweet balsamic glaze and summer petals.

(Available as a vegan option with chargrilled aubergine steak)



Harissa Lamb Filo Parcel

Succulent minced lamb and lentils, flavoured with North African spices wrapped in a golden filo parcel. Served with a vivid red chilli and tomato sauce for a spicy kick, crispy parmentier potatoes and garnished with peppery rocket.



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  Vegan Alternative    

 Gluten Free Alternative





We are happy to cater for your dietary requirements!

Please speak to one of our party planners and they will adapt the menu to suit you

Please be advised that some dishes may contain food allergens, and traces. There are no nuts in the kitchen.

Please contact our chefs for more information.



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