Recipe Ideas: Sticky Chicken

Recipe Ideas: A Step By Step On How To Make Sticky Chicken

10 mins

5-6 mins



The all time Bistro Live favourite. This dish never fails to deliver.

You can serve this dish with some wild rice for a tasty and super quick meal.



★   400g chicken breast sliced

★   100g cornflour

★   1 tbsp Chinese five spice

★   250ml sweet chilli sauce

★   6 small Chinese pancakes

★   1 bunch of spring onions snipped

★   1 red chilli sliced

★   500ml oil for frying


Step One:

Heat the oil in a deep heavy based pan to 180C or preheat the deep fat fryer to 180C.

Add the five spice to the cornflour in a large mixing bowl and season well. Add the sliced chicken and coat evenly.


Step Two:

Fry each Chinese pancake in the oil for approximately 30-60 seconds or until golden and crispy.

Set aside on a sheet of kitchen paper to cool and dry off. 

Fry the coated chicken in the pan/fryer turning occasionally for 4-5 minutes.


Step Three:

Meanwhile empty the sweet chilli sauce into a pan and warm through, make sure this pan is large enough to hold all the chicken as well. When the chicken is cooked add it to the sauce and toss. 

Serve onto the Chinese pancakes and garnish with spring onions and red chilli.

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