Christmas Meal Ideas: Bistro Live

Christmas Meal Ideas: What we have at Bistro Live 03/08/2020

2020's Christmas season, had a fabulous menu lined up, just for you. With a great choice of dishes, freshly prepared and cooked to order, you’re a guaranteed a quality 3 course festive meal. You can really tell that our chefs are really passionate about their food and it 100% shows. Are you sure you’re ready for this?



To Start you off... 


So we’ve got a delicious country vegetable soup which is vegan and gluten free, if you’re a soup lover then you definitely need to try this. Then we also have a salmon and prawn tartlet for you pescatarians, this is a lovely light dish full of flavours. Now, it’s a festive occasion, so after a lot of discussion we’ve decided to offer you pigs in blankets but as a starter! You really can’t go wrong with that, plus, we have a gluten free alternative as well. 



Oh there's more?


I know we’re off to a strong start, but wait until you’ve seen the rest. Another starter option you can choose is the chicken liver pâté, which is absolutely delightful. And finally, we have the red pepper and mozzarella risotto, which is vegetarian and gluten free. We really have something for everyone but unfortunately these are only our starters so make sure you’ve got space for your mains.



What are the main options?


Our first main dish is the two bird roast, a traditional dish from Bistro Live but also one of the best and you can have this as a gluten free option as well. Secondly we have a goat’s cheese tower, one of the favourites from our cooking staff. This is a great vegetarian option as well as gluten free, but most importantly, is absolutely delish!



Now for the meat-lovers...


We’ve got a five star beef en croute. Over the years, we’ve really perfected this dish; mixed with herbs complimented with light pastry; this is the pièce de résistance from our menu.


Maybe you fancy smoked haddock fish cakes? This is one of the dishes which is ordered the most on our Bistro Live nights, order one of these and see what you’re missing out on. And finally we have the vegan vegetable filo which again, is a light pastry filled with delicious roasted veggies and tastes lovely.



So what will it be?


Oh wait, we’re not even done yet! We forgot the most important part;


Dessert, of course!


So not only do we offer our classic trio of desserts, we also offer a gluten free trio of desserts, a lovely sorbet with a forest fruit compote which is completely vegan, and vegan ice cream or normal ice cream with the forest fruit compote. We’ve got plenty of options so you can pick whatever you fancy.


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